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About Us

The power industry is changing rapidly. The role of the communication within a society is quickly evolving from PBXs, small networks and data support to developing complex systems and processes that drive the business. This increased reliance on GSM networks, data, and information systems makes reliable power more critical than ever.

Discussions often focus on better energy efficiency, high-density servers and data centers, virtualization, AC versus DC power distribution, and the emergence of GSM different generations. These trends come at a time when Electrical Energy Managers are under tremendous pressure to lower equipment costs and operating expenses.

At UniPower, we understand emerging technologies and the strategies required to implement them. As power experts, we are trained to help Electrical managers sort through the technical chatter and develop real solutions that fit their needs and their budget.

Since 1998, we have helped our customers in government sector, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and facilities management stay current with their power technologies. Working in close partnership with our customers, we help them with their immediate needs while staying within the context of their long-term facility plan.

Whether you need UPS systems and batteries, DC power plants, , or on-site services and preventive maintenance, we have experts on staff to help with anything from the smallest desktop UPS to the largest data center design and construction project.

Who we are?
UniPower is a leading total solution provider of power product and service solutions including uninterruptible power supplies (DCUPS & ACUPS),  standby diesel generators, Industrial battery,  Inverters, AC&DC panels, power conditioning equipment, Solar Energy solutions, software & ancillaries. UniPower has established an enviable reputation based on passion, quality, innovation, reliability and integrity for power protection technology, service excellence, complete customer satisfaction and confidence unmatched within the industry. UniPower has a diverse customer base which includes the Governmental Sector, telecommunications, IT, oil, gas, water, education, medical, and manufacturing industries.

Further to ensuring the integrity and reliability of our customerís systems, Unipower recognizes the need to help customers reduce costs and improve their carbon footprint.  Our solutions provide the innovation to deliver the combined benefits of highest availability, lowest carbon footprint and lowest total cost of ownership, with all of our large Green power systems solutions for enhanced capital allowances. Our consultative approach means our technical sales team can advise you on selecting the most reliable and efficient solution for your business, project, or customer.

Our solutions have to address many different customer applications. With our broad range of technologically advanced power products and service solutions, UniPower is the best place to meet the many different application needs and budgets required. With all these requirements a key challenge for unipower is keeping pace with our customer's needs. A key philosophy at unipower is therefore that we listen to our customers, we understand what they need, and we provide solutions accordingly.

This means our continuously invests in product and system development, the talent of our employees, broadening its range of services and improving its service delivery. With all this in mind, we are able to perfectly satisfy the most demanding requirements of the most exacting customers.

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