May 20, 2022        

Founder & CEO Speech

One day in 1998, we had an obsession: to bring the most technical and professional way for creating Energy solution concept into Egypt. Energy the most important created in the universe from tiny organism up to the whole country, the market has been faced a huge gap between the demand of energy, diagnosis of right demand and market behavior to get and implement it. We had to get a way to define, design and implement the prompt solutions, launch it and educate the market.

Starting from this needs, observations and believes, UniPower Egypt has been born from the idea to unify the power of science, technology, experience, ethics and customer need and expectation care.

16 years later, thanks to a relentless quest for innovation, a passionate pioneering spirit and an uncompromising determination to push the boundaries of Energy solution, UniPower dream have been turned into reality.

In my understanding our success lies in four factors. First, employees are greatest wealth for our carrier and have unlimited wisdom, experience and enthusiasm, our responsibility is to provide a platform to tap into their wisdom and enthusiasm while we restless working in increasing their experience.

Secondly customers are our earnest partners, every lesson we learnt in our work and every improvement we made in our quality and portfolio comes from the inspiration, understanding and tolerance of our customers. Thirdly high quality and profession inherent in every tiny operation activity are the foundation for our sustainable development.  Fourthly we should treat others as treat ourselves and repay the Egyptian society with our actual deeds.

Within these four success factors we will continue leverage far-reaching insight to plan our future and leverage professional services to improve customer satisfaction to become and aggressive respectable enterprise with corporate social responsibility.   

Hany Ashour  
Founder and CEO

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