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Corporate Ethics and Culture

Corporate Ethics and Responsibility Norm
In view of creativity, sincerity and bravery as the operational ideas and goals to find a balance between the business profits and social responsibility; and to effectuate the company philosophy on everyday business operation to win the trust from the consumers, clients, shareholders and people from all walk of life; our norm is thus set up, in order to let every staff of UniPower not only obey the business activity regulations but also follow the every norm on everyday life to have the self-discipline as a member of the society with the conscience and common sense.

Integrity and reputation for ethical practices are among UniPower' most valued assets and are essential elements of our business policy. We maintain the highest standards of ethics in the conduct of our business and in our relations with clients. We are committed to providing our services at the highest level of quality with due care and responsibility towards our customers, community and environment.

UniPower Culture

  • People-oriented:
    Our employees are the most decisive resources, therefore we will focus on human values, human development, showing concern for others, train people, and inspire people as our top priority. Providing a good environment for human development, expertise and positive talents must be one of our missions.
  • Scientific and realistic:
    We are committed to making a scientific attitude, the principle of seeking truth from facts, specialized narrow focusing in technical issues at our product and services should be  a spirit, a habit, a common identity of UniPower atmosphere, and will be  implement it in all aspects of work.
  • Customer Orientation:
    We strive to listen and respond to our customer suppliers and stakeholders, we clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectation while we are delivering innovative and competitive products and services.
  • Discipline:
    We conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism to meet our commitments through proper plans and attention to every details.
  • Quality:
    We achieve the highest standards of excellence by doing the right things right. We continuously learn, develop and improve our services by listening to all ideas learned from our mistakes and successes.
  • Results orientation:
    We set challenging and competitive goals focusing on output and constructively confront and solve problems through working as a team with respect and trust for each other.

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