May 20, 2022        

SCR Rectifier

The thyristor or silicon controlled rectifier, SCR is a device that is widely used for controlling or switching power and often high voltage AC or DC circuits.

Thyristor or silicon controlled rectifiers, SCR are find many uses in electronics, and in particular for power control. These devices have even been called the workhorse of high power electronics. It is the best selection to have high power and high voltage rectifier system.

The rectifier based on SCR is an AC to DC converter with input isolation transformer and with automatic constant voltage and constant current ability. It comes with 6 Pulse or 12 pulse design options depending on user requirements. The advantages of employing 12 pulse rectifier in industrial UPS systems are to have lower THDi (<10%) and higher pf at input (>0.9) as well as to secure redundancy since 12 pulse rectifiers are designed with one delta and one star connected transformers , So the unit itself behaves as two redundant rectifiers by its nature.

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