May 19, 2022        

Switching Mode Rectifier

A rectifier is an electrical device that converts AC to DC. AC occasionally reverses direction and DC flows in one direction only. Rectification produces a type of DC that encompasses active voltages and currents, which are then adjusted into a type of constant voltage DC, although this varies depending on the current's end-use. The current is allowed to flow uninterrupted in one direction, and no current is allowed to flow in the opposite direction.

The booming in telecommunication industry have affected the switching mode technology which become the regular use in the world UniPower Egypt in partnership in Delta Electronics have come with all possible solution to satisfy your needs focus on continuously improving the total cost of ownership. Delta’s rectifiers combined with advanced control and monitoring features help reduce both CAPIX and OPIX, also can provide custom design bases product  to comply with any special requirement related to environments or specification our Experts can design the optimize solution upon your request depend on a variety of factors will be raised after our survey CONTACT UniPower Experts

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