NI-CD Battery


GAZ® Ni-Cd cells and batteries with pocket plate electrodes have a proven design and reliability to give maximum service life. With more than 100 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and continuously improving and further developments in techniques will provide maximum performance and security independent of the mains electricity supply. Its outstanding features make the GAZ® Ni-Cd battery range one of the most reliable and adequate systems available in the market. It is a lost effecting durable and safe solution. GAZ® prides itself on the high standards of quality for which it is renewed



GAZ lomain KGL batteries are part of Iraqi Oil & Gas infrastructure rehabilitation project which has started after 30 years of conflicts. With GE Oil & Gas, Shell and Mitsubishi as a partner, GAZ has committed to re-establishing social and economic growth by supporting major development projects in the region.

In a massive datacenter investment, GAZ lomain KGM batteries became a backbone of backup energy storage for one of the largest datacenters in Europe. GAZ KGM range is trusted by their Client as a most reliable product being able to prevent any loss of power and data, operating in one of the largest UPS applications in Europe.




GAZ SOL range has been chosen by Elecnor company Atersa to be deployed in one of the most challenging environments of Sahara Desert. As part of a major solar project, largest cells in GAZ SOL battery range are successfully helping to provide energy to hundreds of thousands of homes in central Algeria, which are highly depending on energy generated from renewable sources.